$100 Gets You a Mysterious Package Aboard Any Airplane (so Long as You're a TSA Agent)

So you're ready to get aboard a flight and you've decided you'd like to place your bag aboard a different flight. Why would you want to do that? You're a TSA agent and you'd like to test the system with $100 bill. You take your totally mysterious bag, you head over to a JetBlue flight, you hand that one hundred dollar bill to the doorman, and poof! You've got that bag aboard, unaccompanied by you.

Of course, as TSA would like to assure you, "like checked baggage, every package tendered at the airline counter is screened for explosives." That's true. It's not quite as scary as it might seem, but it's still wild. JetBlue says they're cooperating with the investigation of course and that "the involved crew member is no longer employed at JetBlue."

The SeattlePI broke this story, and they put it like this:

An undercover TSA agent told a JetBlue ticket agent that he needed to get a package to Boston that day and would pay the agent $100.00 for helping. The agent took the $100, put it in his pocket and proceeded to follow the unknown person's instructions. The ticket agent chose a passenger's name at random, which just happened to be an unaccompanied minor, and the package went through the screening process with no problems. Although the package was harmless, the TSA pulled the package just before being loaded onto the aircraft.

Oh TSA, you are forever touching our hearts and our private parts in a way I cannot fully describe. Surely this is an isolated incident, so no worries.

[Via The Consumerist]