10-minute DIY Laptop Stand - its Home Depot-erriffic!

So this guy made an instructable about how, using parts from his local Home Depot, he made a cheap and quick notebook stand. In case you don't understand the motivation behind making your own notebook stand, they can be useful for making typing easier, bettering the viewing angle of the monitor, and increasing air flow for cooling purposes.

The biggest part is a giant T-shaped bracket that's used to make roof joists, he seemed to use some sort of plastic one, but he noted if you went with the standard aluminum you could save up to $5. The only other parts are a couple of short dowel rods and then he got 3 rubber stoppers to keep it from moving around too easily.

The only downside is that adjustment would be minimal (there's only two options for each point) but if it would fit your laptop it'd be cheaper than buying one at the store. He said the cost, with the black composite strap that costs more, was about $19, but if you have any of this lying around, or if you go with the metal strap instead, you can save some money.

[via instructables]