10-inch EROS tablet demoed, navigating through Windows 7 by touch [Video]

Mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the EROS tablet created by the Chinese is given a video demo of sorts today, as we see it pulling its little self together in the eleven minute long video.  Performance looks to be on par of an Intel Atom powered netbook.  Well that and the sub 2-hr battery life.

The touchscreen display seems to be fairly responsive to both writing by a stylus as well as flicking photo shots and pages in a comic e-book.  Although the stylus is given much more time than the reviewer's own digits, revealing that Windows 7 is a far cry from being truly digit-friendly.

Microsoft's implementation of Windows 7 menus may not be the best suited to a touchscreen interface.  Mac OS X maybe another story, as evinced here.  Will we soon have a purely finger-driven tablet device running an actual well-to-do OS?

EROS tablet running Windows 7 video demo