10.8-inch iPad leaked with iPad Pro features

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ were clearly attempts at grabbing back a huge chunk of the tablet market pie but it won't be long before Apple tries to bite back. Cupertino is expected to announce a few new slates, perhaps across its entire iPad line, but details about the upcoming tablets aren't as solid as those for the iPhone 12. In fact, some seem to be conflicting with each other at this point, like these details about a cheaper iPad with expensive features.

There is still some disagreement on what iPad models will be announced in the coming months, at least aside from an iPad Pro and an iPad Mini. In particular, some believe a 10.8-inch iPad will be coming while others put the size at 11 inches. And then there's disagreement on an iPad Air 4 or a cheaper new iPad.

iPad Air 4 rumors last week pointed to a new design that resembled iPad Pros while still retaining non-Pro features. Specifically, that means still having Touch ID, albeit one that has been relocated to the power button at the top. Apple may have at least conceded to give the next iPad Air a USB-C port.

Now 91mobiles has come out with information and schematics about a cheaper iPad model, one with a 10.8-inch screen. Curiously, the site also claims that this one has Face ID instead of Touch ID, a rather puzzling detail if true considering its expected price tag. A USB-C port also suggests that Apple might finally be going all out on USB-C for its iPad line.

At this point, neither the iPad Air leak, which supposedly came from a user manual, nor these 2020 iPad schematics can be taken at face value. Rumors about Apple's next slates are still slim at the moment but we expect them to pick up as we get closer to their debut.