1 Million Wiis for N. American Launch

Benjamin Nied - Sep 26, 2006

Hoping to capitalize on Sony’s massive PlayStation 3 shortages, Nintendo has announced that its upcoming Nintendo Wii console, debuting two days after Sony’s leviathan, will have 1 million units available for its North American arrival. By comparison, the PS3 will only see 400,000 units available come November 17th, which Nintendo is hoping will give them a huge head-start over Sony.

So, to recap, the Wii will launch on November 19th for $249.99, and will include the console (duh), sensor bar, 1 Wii-mote controller, component and power cables. It will also include a pack-in game, Wii Sports, available in every region except Japan. Speaking of regions, we have Nintendo of America claiming that the console will be region-free, while Nintendo of Europe claims that the console is region-locked. In a nutshell, we’re not entirely sure yet as to whether we’re region-free or not here; look for Nintendo of Japan to finally straighten the issue out soon.

[via GamePro]

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