Zynga's Tiny Royale brings bite-sized battle royale to Snapchat

Almost a month ago to the day, Snapchat rolled out Snap Games. The feature is pretty self-explanatory from the name alone, as it focuses on small games that can be played with friends from within the Snapchat app. At the time of its reveal, Snapchat announced the first six titles slated for Snap Games, and today one of those titles, Zynga's Tiny Royale, is going live.Tiny Royale, as you've probably already guessed, is a battle royale game, but with a few twists to help it fit the bite-sized theme of Snap Games. Rounds only last for two minutes and support a total of 30 players, so if you're looking for some quick battle royale action, Tiny Royale could very well have you covered.

Snap Games seems to put heavy focus on multiplayer, and Tiny Royale is no different. You'll be able to form squads of up to four players with your friends and jump into the game, though you can also play solo if you wish. The game supports both voice and text chat, so you'll be able to communicate with friends as you hunt other players down. You can also customize your character, which might be how Zynga winds up making money from this game (though monetization details were nowhere to be found in Zynga's announcement today).

For now, there isn't a ranked mode in the game, but it won't be that way for long. Zynga says that it will launch a competitive, seasonal ladder mode this summer called Tiny Royale Leagues, which will "foster a more competitive environment for players by placing them in groups of 100 people, broken out into 20 tiers." As you climb through the tiers, you'll be able to earn rewards and trophies, with the rankings presumably resetting at certain intervals.

So, there you have it: battle royale has come to Snapchat, which is something we never imagined we'd say. Tiny Royale is launching today, so pop open Snapchat and take it for a spin.