Zvox IncrediBase 575 all-in-one home theater debuts

If you want a surround sound home theater speaker system in your home, but you don't want all the wires there are a few options for you. You can get systems with wireless speakers, but the speakers still need AC outlets making them difficult to place still.

Another option is a system that puts all the speakers into one cabinet like the new Zvox IncrediBase all-in-one home theater system. The Zvox 575 has deep base down to 35Hz and creates a faux 5.1 surround sound experience using PhaseCue virtual surround technology.

Inside the 36" w x 16.5" d x 5" H case hides a pair of 6/5-inch subs and five 2-inch full range speakers. A remote is included to control volume and the system has a 133-watt amp built-in as well. The IncrediBase 575 has a MSRP of $799.99 and will ship on October 1.