Zune – Halo 3 edition

Chris Scott Barr - May 14, 2007

If you’re a big fan of Halo 3 and you’re in the market for a new Zune, now is the perfect opportunity to combine your love of the first-person shooter and your music. Microsoft is releasing a special edition Halo 3 Zune.

There doesn’t appear to be anything really special about this particular Zune except for the fancy box it comes in and the tiny Halo 3 logo in the corner. Perhaps when it’s turned on there is some exclusive Halo content.

We don’t have any other info on this newly-branded Zune. No word on price or a release date. I’m wondering how long it will take Microsoft to figure out that changing the color and adding a logo isn’t going to sell Zunes.

New Zune sports Halo 3 branding [via joystiq]

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