ZTE V55 tablet spied in pics

If you have been paying attention to the tablet wars you know that the popularity of Android tablets is growing rapidly even though the iPad still leads the pack today. Sprint is getting a new tablet that was outted by the FCC a while back. The tablet is the ZTE V55 that turns Android. The geeks over at Unwiredview have spied the V55 making its way thought the Bluetooth SIG.

The details are very lean when it comes to that tablet. The Bluetooth SIG notes that the tablet is a CDMA offering and has Bluetooth naturally and that is about it. The photo shows that the tablet rocks the Honeycomb interface. That's all we know right now.

There is no word on when the tablet will hit stores, what it will cost, or what the hardware under the hood will include. What do you think so far, is this going to be a tablet that appeals to you at all? I have a feeling this will be a lower price basic tablet.

[via Unwiredview]