ZTE nubia X durability test has surprising results

Just when you thought everyone has agreed to flatter Apple by copying its notch, along came a few manufacturers who dared to find other ways to solve that design problem. Though the idea is not exactly new, tested first by the odd Meizu Pro 7, the ZTE nubia X is definitely the first to take that to the extreme. But as with any new and unconventional design, the question has always been "will it bend". Fortunately for those interested in buying it one way or another, JerryRigEverything answered that question and more.

The nubia X has two screens on each side, just like that Meizu Pro 7. But unlike Meizu's half-hearted attempt, the nubia X's second screen is no underdog. Although smaller than the main 6.26-inch 2280x1080 IPS LCD screen, the 5.1-inch 1520x720 rear display at least boasts of an OLED panel. Both sides are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, not the latest but sufficient for most scratches.

Perhaps less known than the dual screens are the phone's dual fingerprint scanners, one on each side. You can use either one or you can use both to switch which display is used as the primary. One can also serve as a backup in case the other gets damaged, though it does seem to stand heavy scratches quite well.

With twice the displays and twice the fingerprint scanners, YouTuber Zack Nelson worried that there's also twice the chance of it breaking in half in his hands. His experience with the new iPad Pro and its fingerprint sensor, which looks similar to the nubia X's, didn't spark much confidence. Fortunately, the story does have a happy ending.

So in addition to high-end specs and an admittedly ingenious solution to the notch, the ZTE nubia X is also quite the durable beast. That said, with a display on both sides of the phone, a drop on either side could be catastrophic. At least you have a backup screen when that happens.