ZTE Blade 11 Prime budget phone comes with wireless charging

Budget or "wallet-friendly" smartphones get a lot of flak for cutting too many corners to bring prices down. In recent times, however, some hardware components have become so common and accessible that even what some may call "cheap" phones are able to offer higher-end features. Take the ZTE Blade 11 Prime, for example. While it might not be equipped with 5G support, its features may still look juicy, especially for the price it's asking for.

The Blade isn't exactly ZTE's premium series of phones and the base specs of the new ZTE Blade 11 Prime definitely show that. It runs on a MediaTek Helio P22 processor from way back 2018, but it at least does have 4GB of RAM to go with an expandable 64GB of storage. The 6.52-inch phone unsurprisingly maxes out at 1600x720 and has an old-school waterdrop notch for good measure.

Cameras won't be impressive either, even by today's mid-range standards. A 16MP main camera leads the show alongside an 8MP wide-angle shooter and a 2MP depth camera. ZTE also tries to make the phone a bit more interesting by applying a textured plastic back for both good looks and a grippy feel.

That isn't however, what ZTE is trying to sell here. That comes in the 4,000 mAh battery that not only supports wireless charging, it also has the ability to charge other devices, at least with a USB cable. The Blade 11 Prime also has a fingerprint scanner hiding beneath the power button, now a staple feature even on less premium phones.

For all those features, the ZTE Blade 11 Prime only costs $192. Unlike most of the company's smartphones, this one is available in the US but only under Visible and Yahoo Mobile carriers.