Zoom can now automatically react to user gestures on iPad

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 25, 2021, 3:13pm CDT
Zoom can now automatically react to user gestures on iPad

Popular video conferencing app Zoom has announced its latest update, including new features centered around privacy, functionality, and Apple’s tablet lineup. One of the more notable additions this time around is Zoom’s new ability to automatically react to iPad users’ gestures during a meeting.

This isn’t the first time Zoom has released an update with features specifically for its iPad users. Back in May, for example, the company added the ability to track a user as they moved, assuming the user had one of Apple’s latest iPad Pro models with Center Stage.

This time around, Zoom says that it has added new functionality that enables iPad users to use real-life gestures, such as raising a hand to greet someone, and have those gestures automatically translated into meeting reactions.

Zoom says this new feature is limited to only two gestures at launch: Thumbs Up and Raise Hand. Other features join the iPad functionality, including additional security and privacy features for shared lines, increased queue visibility, the new ability to quickly toggle a meeting between mobile and desktop, and new controls for admins.

Administrators can, for example, prevent specific people or entire groups from sharing their screens if a guest joins the meeting. This will help prevent employees from accidentally revealing sensitive information from people outside of the company or division, for example.

The full list of changes brought by Zoom’s latest update can be found on the company’s blog here.

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