ZOMM Cellphone Leash: Keep Your Keys Close

The ZOMM was designed and built to be the worls first wireless key leash.It was created to keep you from losing your keys by emitting a loud sound when your keys and your cellphone stray too far apart.  While that sounds like a great idea, I cant help but think that the limited range of Bluetooth would result in the user turning the device off and thus defeating the entire purpose.

Of course it  inevitably has to be charged (via microUSB) or it will be little more than a nifty looking poker chip sized keychain. The ZOMM uses Bluetooth to connect with your cellphone and will start beeping at you if  the two stray too far apart.

The device itself is a nifty as a key finder but it has a couple more cool features. By pressing the button the front of the device you trigger the panic mode which makes the device start shrieking and automatically contact emergency services. While all the details are not yet released we will learn more when it is unveiled at CES 2010. With an expected retail price of about $80 it oculd could be quite handy or even potentially a life saver.

[via ohGizmo]