Zombies hate the Chevy Cruze

Being prepared for the zombie apocalypse is serious business. You have to have all your ducks in a row. You need food, water, ammunition, and zombie splattering implements of doom. You also need the right vehicle and apparently, the correct vehicle for surviving a zombie apocalypse is the Chevy Cruze. I would expect the apocalypse vehicle to be something along the lines of a Hummer decked out with various blades and spikes.

Chevrolet has launched a new commercial that you can see at the bottom of the story for the Cruze that has some sort of tie-in with the launch of Telltale's The Walking Dead video game. The main reason for it being a good vehicle to survive the zombie apocalypse according to Chevrolet is the 42 mpg fuel efficiency. I can certainly see a more fuel-efficient vehicle being a plus because zombie attacks apparently happen more often at gas stations.

OnStar is even getting in on the zombie action with plans to develop a Zombie Dodger app to launch in the event of a zombie outbreak. The service would notify the driver of zombies nearest you and give the driver an escape route.

Michigan State University Professor Glen Stuzky, who teaches a course on preparedness for a zombie apocalypse, explained the trend by saying, "The data reveals a statistically significant drop in the number of Zombies per square mile (ZpM2) in the cities with the highest number of Cruzes per capita. Apparently, even with minimal brain stem functioning, Zombies have figured out that the 600 miles per tank has put Cruze owners beyond the reach of the Hoard."