Zipit Wireless Messenger gets processor upgrade and easier to connect to interface

Some of you may remember the Zipit wireless instant messenger whose primary function was its support for WiFi and a bunch of different IM clients. Well if you don't, that pretty much sums it up, it has some other media playing functions, blah, blah, blah.

The really important part, at least to this story, is that it runs on Linux, and that it could be interfaced with, albeit in a very crude way, and then be hacked to perform other functions including a web server. Well, it just got a processor upgrade, up to 300MHz now, and a port on the back, that the manufacturer has hinted at being used for expandability, or at the companies discretion, an easy interface for hackers and developers.

No word on what types of attachments we can look forward to, or when the company is releasing the SDK and patch cable. What we do have is a $150 price tag for what is basically a highly simplified UMPC or laptop, depending on how you look at it.

Linux IM pad beefs up, invites hacking [via linuxdevices]