ZAP Alias Electric Vehicle Gets New Battery Pack And Management System

In the world of electric vehicle makers there are some major automakers like Nissan and GM hard at work on full electric vehicles as well as smaller firms like Tesla and ZAP. ZAP may be one of the smallest electric vehicle makers out there, but it has some interesting offerings like the three wheel ZAP Alias.

ZAP has announced that it has developed a new battery and battery management system for the Alias and its other electric vehicles that doubles the driving range. The new battery system uses lithium ion batteries rather than lead acid batteries.

When the Alias is equipped with the new battery system it can drive up to 100 miles on a single charge. The lithium ion battery pack weighs in at 157 pounds compared to the lead acid system previously used at 430.5 pounds. The new battery packs will be offered as an upgrade for some ZAP vehicles and the new battery has about four times the life span of the lead acid system.