Zana Design releases Apophis USB drive made from meteorite

In case you've got a cool two grand laying around and have always wanted a bit of meteorite in your computing arsenal, Zana Design has the solution. The Apophis USB drive is crafted from a variety of rare materials, including certified space rock. It's available for purchase now for $1,990, with a cheaper silver model available at $1,130.

The drive is made from 200-year-old African wood, and, depending on which version you get, silver or 18-karat gold, as well as "high-purity diamond." There are also bits of 4.5-billion-year-old meteorite. The Apophis has a storage capacity of 64GB, and a read speed of 190MB per second. The metal runs down the outer edge of the drive, as well as in a band around its circumference.

The Apophis gets its name from a 390-meter wide asteroid that came near the Earth in 2004. It is expected to hit Earth in 2036, a nice warm and fuzzy thing to remember every time you're looking at your pen drive. Perhaps not surprisingly given the price, the unit comes with a lifetime warranty in the event you ever manage to break it, or it stops working.

Perhaps surprisingly, this isn't the most expensive USB drive you can get – not by a long shot. That honor goes to the Shawish Magic Mushroom drive, which is priced at $36,900. These drives are joined by the likes of the Pandora ($999), the Dunhill Bulldog ($300), and the DOK ($2000).

[via Wired]