ZAGGmate adds a keyboard to your iPad

Shane McGlaun - Dec 24, 2010, 5:31am CST
ZAGGmate adds a keyboard to your iPad

ZAGG launched a cool case back on Black Friday that I missed somehow designed for the iPad. There are two version of the case called the ZAGGmate. One of the versions is just a case that lifts the screen for you to watch more comfortably. The more interesting version of the case also has a keyboard that hides under the iPad.

The keyboard version has a keyboard that is inside the case and the iPad lifts up and is propped by a stand to revel the little keyboard. It’s a pretty slick system. ZAGG has announced that it has sold and shipped a bunch of the cases so far, to the tune of about $2 million worth.

ZAGG is also talking up its plans for CES where it will unveil more versions of the ZAGGmate. I wonder if the new version will be for iPad or if they will be for other devices. The coolest part about the ZAGGmate is that ZAGG claims it only adds a quarter inch of thickness when installed on the iPad. The keyboard version sells for $99.99 and the non-keyboard version is $69.99.

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