Yubico x Keyport Pivot 2.0 offers a safer way to carry security keys

Security keys, the small dongles shaped like thumb drives that are used to authenticate devices and accounts, typically feature a small hole through which a keychain can be attached. Though this is a convenient way to carry security keys, it also puts them at increased risk of damage.

Accidentally breaking a security key can be a big hassle, which is where the Pivot 2.0 comes in. This new accessory from Yubico and Keyport enables users to carry their keys — both regular metal and security keys — safely tucked inside of a durable metal frame.

The Pivot 2.0 features black anodized 6061 aluminum construction; the keys are attached via a ratcheting-action retaining screw. Up to eight items can be attached to the Pivot 2.0, including Yubico's YubiKey security keys. The carrying accessory measures 3.2-inches in length and 0.6-inches in width with a weight of a bit under an ounce (before keys are attached).

Overall, the Pivot 2.0 makes it easier to carry security keys without worrying about damage when they're in a bag or pocket. As well, the accessory makes it easier to keep keys organized and is better suited for resting next to a laptop when the security key is connected.

Keyport, for its part, has designed different accessories that can be attached to the Pivot key organizer, including a small flashlight, charger cable, OmniFob Smart Remote, and NEBA Knife. The accessories make it possible to, for example, carry a slim RFID card or fob, a small multitool attachment, and even a SIM card clip.