Yubico Security C NFC is a cheap USB-C security key for phones and PCs

Yubico's latest security key is the Security Key C NFC, a cheaper alternative to the company's existing YubiKey 5C NFC. The new product enables users to easily secure their Android smartphone, iPhone, or computer running Windows 10 using a physical key that makes it much harder for hackers to infiltrate an account.

The new Yubico Security Key C NFC features both USB-C and NFC, making it compatible with the majority of phones and PCs on the market. This new model, which is priced at $29 USD, supports FIDO U2F and FIDO 2.

The security key can be used with a variety of popular online services and software, including YouTube, Dropbox, Brave, Edge browser, Facebook, Twitter, Coinbase, Google accounts, Microsoft accounts, and more. Interested consumers can explore the platforms that support Yubico's Security line of keys on its website here.

As with other security keys from Yubico and competitors, the Security Key C NFC features a design similar to a slim thumb drive, including a hole for attaching it to a keychain. The device also sports a fiberglass-reinforced body for durability. The big benefit here is the NFC support in addition to USB-C, enabling users to authenticate logins by tapping the security key to the back of the device.

The Yubico Security Key C NFC is priced at $29 USD for a single unit, while multi-packs are also available up to a tray of 50 keys. The security key should meet the needs of the average consumer, though business professionals and others who need additional protocol support can turn to the $50 YubiKey 5 Series, which includes support for things like Smart Card, OpenPGP 3, and more.