YouTube reinstates Daytona Speedway crash video

Brian Sin - Feb 24, 2013
YouTube reinstates Daytona Speedway crash video

Yesterday, a fan uploaded a video showing the effects of the terrifying aftermath of the DRIVE4COPD NASCAR race. Over 10 cars were involved in the wreckage, and 28 people in the audience were injured when debris from the cars flew towards their direction. Half of the 28 injured had to be taken to local area hospitals for their injuries, and the other half were treated at the care center located in the race track.

The fan’s video was then taken down for apparent “copyright” infringement. In its place, NASCAR had placed its own video that shows the crash from its own cameras. The video does show exactly what happened on the race track, however it didn’t show what happened to the traumatized crowd. NASCAR stated that they asked YouTube to take down the fan’s video “out of respect for those injured in today’s accident”.

YouTube has caught the error on their part. They released a statement stating that their partners and users do not have the right to take down other users’ videos unless “they contain content which is copyright infringing”. Because the fan’s video doesn’t infringe on NASCAR’s copyrights, YouTube has reinstated the video.

Removing the video is most likely just NASCAR trying to sprinkle some PR magic on a terrible event. A video depicting the terrified and injured fans from an accident that happened at one of their events is bad for publicity. That’s why they uploaded their own video, that while shows the accident, is much more friendly for its image. You can check out the fan’s video of the crash above.

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