YouTube overhauls app for Xbox 360 viewers

I really don't like it when companies update apps for smartphones, game consoles, or any other platform and brag about the update, yet offer only mild details of what the update brings. YouTube has done just that with an overhaul of its Xbox 360 app announced yesterday. The overhaul has more to do with ads than anything else.

One thing that the update promises that is nice is more speed. YouTube claims that the Xbox app is now five times faster on Microsoft's game console. The update also brings new channels with official music videos. YouTube says that this update brings the full YouTube experience to Xbox 360 users following the launch of the updated PS3 app.

YouTube promises that viewers will have an improved watching experience and YouTube content creators will have a better platform to use for building an audience for the channel. AllThingsD breaks this update down and in their mind, it all works out to being able to show more ads to raise money made per video shown.

The ads YouTube has already get on my nerves. I'm not a fan of having to endure 5 seconds worth of an ad before I can go to some of the videos that I want watch. My personal account on YouTube is ad enabled, but I've ever used ads because they're so I'm going to sit through. I hope this update doesn't mean every video you click on the site has ads embedded.

[via AllThingsd]