YouTube Music's smart TV update is here - but you may not get the best of it

Google today announced several new features for YouTube Music on smart TVs. In general, these updates make it easier to browse your music collection and even spruce up the way the app looks. Some of the features are going live for all smart TV users, while others will only be available to those running Android TV OS (which includes the freshly-announced Chromecast with Google TV).

First and foremost, the features launching for everyone include a revamp to the way your library is accessed. Google touts easy access to saved playlists and liked songs specifically in this update, both of which can be accessed in the YouTube Music tab in the mainline YouTube app (YouTube Music doesn't have a dedicated app on smart TVs, but rather exists within the YouTube app).

Google also says that it has updated the visuals for YouTube Music on smart TVs, which will now show things like album and playlist artwork. Those are the only new features going live across all smart TVs, so if your set doesn't use Android TV OS, the update is fairly slim. Those on Android TV, however, have a few additional features to look forward to.

For instance, YouTube Music subscribers will be able to access their uploaded music libraries on TV. Google is also sending a new interface live that includes details like the song and artist name along with a progress bar for each track. Finally, Android TV users will find a new YouTube Music bar on their homescreen, allowing them to browse music without first having to start up the YouTube app.

That's it for the TV-focused update heading to YouTube Music, but Google closes out its blog post by reminding users that YouTube Music will soon be replacing Google Play Music on smart TVs. Those with a TV that supports Android TV OS won't have to do anything when the switch happens, but those who don't might want to download the YouTube app for their TV and begin using YouTube Music sooner rather than later.