YouTube Music mobile apps get new song lyrics section

YouTube has pushed out an update to its YouTube Music mobile apps, adding song lyrics to individual song pages so that users can easily sing along to content. Until now, users had to search for the lyrics using a different service or Google Search, which meant toggling between apps for an impromptu karaoke session. The new lyrics section is missing one big feature, however.

YouTube Music is, of course, Google's latest and greatest music service, offering users access to a variety of music, including curated playlists and more. The service is available with an optional Music Premium subscription, which offers access to ad-free music videos that can be downloaded for offline access and listened to with the phone's display turned off.

You can access YouTube Music on desktop or using the dedicated YouTube Music mobile app. The latter offerings now feature lyrics, according to The Verge, though they don't automatically scroll in time with the song, meaning you have to manually scroll through them. It's unclear when this feature will arrive on the desktop site.

YouTube Music users can pull up the lyrics by first launching a song, then tapping the small 'i' icon on the bottom left side of the screen. The lyrics appear in the same way they're presented in Google Search results, meaning, as mentioned, you have to move them along on your own rather than simply watch as they scroll by.

This isn't the first music service to add lyrics directly to song playback pages — most other big services have similar features, including Spotify and Apple Music. YouTube Music Premium is available now for $9.99/month.