YouTube Music app will come preinstalled on all Android 10 devices

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 27, 2019, 4:39pm CDT
YouTube Music app will come preinstalled on all Android 10 devices

YouTube Music, the platform’s dedicated music service, will be preinstalled on Android 10 devices by default going forward, Google revealed on Friday. The app will be taking the place of Google Play Music, underscoring the company’s transition away from that service as it sets its focus on YouTube. The YouTube Music app remains available to download in the Google Play Store for everyone else.

YouTube Music is an app dedicated to music available on the YouTube platform, enabling users to browse through songs, music videos, and to stream music on things like their phone or their compatible smart speaker. YouTube Music is made more robust with a Premium subscription, which costs $9.99/month and provides offline access to ad-free songs, as well as screen-off playback.

In an announcement today, Google said that it will bundle the YouTube Music app with all Android devices as a preinstalled service starting with Android 10. Users will find that upon setting up their new Android 10 device, the YouTube Music service will be readily available by finding and tapping the ‘YouTube Music’ mobile app icon.

YouTube Music provides access to individual songs, as well as albums and playlists. The platform offers access to live performances when applicable, as well as a huge library of music videos. Anyone can download the YouTube Music app now on their Android and iOS devices from the respective app stores; the service is also accessible through the website.

Google made it clear in the past that it will ultimately replace its Google Play Music service with YouTube Music, offering a single centralized free and premium service that taps the platform’s already vast content library.

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