YouTube launches new one click fix for videos

Shane McGlaun - Mar 22, 2012
YouTube launches new one click fix for videos

I record a lot of video and upload it to my YouTube account. Generally, my videos are recorded on a racetrack from inside my car, which means depending on the lighting conditions outside; the videos can turn out dark or have other issues that keep them from looking the best. If you have similar issues with your own videos, YouTube has launched a new one-click fix that may help us all get better quality when we upload.

YouTube has had a video editing suite since last year, but its capabilities were limited. That early video editing suite had tools for stabilizing the video and color saturation control. The thing with those was you had to adjust manually, and the new update does all the adjusting for you. I also like that the fix doesn’t apply permanently to the original video.

That means if you go through all the tweaks and then decide for whatever reason you like your original version better, you can revert back at the click of the button. YouTube will store both versions of the video. The caveat is that you can’t apply the filter from a mobile device when you upload a video. You have to upload and then go to the desktop to use the one click fix.

[via TheNextWeb]

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