YouTube launches Capture video recording app for iOS

It's pretty easy to record a video on your smartphone and upload straight to YouTube — all it takes is a few taps here and there, and it'll be ready for viewing by the entire world. However, YouTube wants to make the process even easier, by releasing a app specifically for recording and uploading videos straight to YouTube, and they call it YouTube Capture.

The app will let you quickly fire up the iPhone video camera and instantly upload your videos straight to YouTube with very little steps in between. However, the app is only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch at the moment, with an Android version set to launch sometime "in the future". The iOS app should be hitting the App Store sometime today.

You can shoot video directly from within the new app, and after pressing "Stop", you can add a caption, select to share the video to Google+, Facebook, or Twitter, and then hit "Share" to upload it directly to YouTube. You can also select from private, unlisted, or public sharing options depending on your intended audience.

Probably one of the biggest features of the YouTube Capture app is the landscape lock reminder, which informs you to shoot your videos in landscape mode, rather than portrait mode. This will undoubtedly help cut down on the number of annoying vertically-shot videos that are being taken these days.