YouTube Kids app update said to allow only human-curated content

As our social networks continue to be dominated by algorithmically suggested content, YouTube has faced some serious criticism in recent months over aimed at children, especially within its own YouTube Kids app. To help address these growing concerns, the company is said to be working on a major overhaul of its kid-friendly app, where the only videos displayed are those approved by a team of human curators.

This has yet to be officially announced by YouTube, but BuzzFeed News reports it's heard details from a source close to the company. These changes won't come as an entirely new app, but instead are said to be a new option within the YouTube Kids app, giving parents more control over what their children see by only allowing content from whitelisted channels to be displayed, as opposed to videos suggested by algorithms.

The feature would be made possible by human curators that hand-pick channels with videos deemed appropriate, however the report doesn't include any specific examples. Should YouTube release such an option, it would give the company an almost-surefire way to prevent kids from being exposed to controversial and exploitative videos, such as those from the recent "ElsaGate" debacle, or those with explicit violence and language.

ElsaGate, uncovered late last year, revolved around strange and disturbing videos that were designed to both appeal to kids, featuring things like Disney characters and superheroes, and trick the algorithm by using keyword-stuffed titles, in turn racking up as many views as possible. More recently there's been reports about videos containing misinformation and conspiracy theories appearing in the YouTube Kids app.

SOURCE BuzzFeed News