YouTube incognito mode will stop the annoying video suggestions

It's a common issue all YouTube users face: you can't resist the lure of a clickbait title, click on it out of interest, and suddenly your recommended video list is full of similar garbage. Users have complained about this issue and requested an incognito mode to avoid it; by using this mode, any videos watched wouldn't influence recommended videos.

Incognito mode is already available in Chrome, as well as Google's Gboard mobile keyboard. It makes sense to offer the privacy option on YouTube, which is exactly what is happening, according to Android Police. Technically YouTube users already have access to a privacy option, but they have to dig around in the menus to use it; that's not practical for every random video you may want to peek at.

In the YouTube Android app, users can pull up their account by tapping the side menu, then tapping the drop-down menu under their icon. That's where the "Turn on Incognito" mode will be located, at least based on a screenshot shared by AP.

Once turned on, the YouTube app advises the user that their activity during that session will be cleared once they exit the privacy mode. Of course, as with Chrome's privacy mode, it doesn't provide any sort of privacy from potentially prying eyes — you'll need a VPN for that — but it does keep the session from influencing your recommendations and prevents the content from showing up in the account's history.

The feature seems to be a test at this time; there's no word on when it may launch for everyone.

SOURCE: Android Police