YouTube details new features, targets 'junk' comments

YouTube has been rolling out improvements and features for its creators, and it has detailed the latest among those efforts. The creator features will have some benefits for all YouTube users, though, included among them being changes that cuts down on the number of so-called "junk" comments that litter the comments' section. There are a total of ten things that YouTube says it has been working on, the full details of which we have after the jump — they include things like mobile video management, improvements to live streaming, and more.

The features will be rolling out "in a matter of weeks", says YouTube, at least some of them. Others are still being perfected and won't be showing up until later on this year. Included among them all is the improvements to the comment ranking system, which is said to have already decreased how often comments are "disliked" by 30-percent across the video service.

Also coming is a new way for subscribers to sign up for mobile and email notifications, as well as easier access to subscription feeds in the YouTube mobile app. The Creator Studio app will be getting improvements, as well, including more insights into one's account. There will be mobile video management, and new card types for promotions and more.

The 360-degree videos are amount the big features, as are improvements to live streaming, something that will complement the new YouTube Gaming service. There's also a new YouTube Creator Community that will be showing up, and updates to Creator Academy.

SOURCE: YouTube Creator Blog