YouTube announces new publishing deals with music companies

YouTube has announced a new deal that it thinks will open the door for more songwriters, publishers, and content creators to share their works via the video streaming service. YouTube announced this week that it had reached publishing deals with BMG Writes Management, Christian Copyright Solutions, ABKCO Music, Inc., Songs Music Publishing, Words & Music, Copyright Administration, Music Services, Reservoir Media Management, and Songs of Virtual. What this really means to users is there'll be more music on YouTube.

What it means for publishers, and artists is that there more opportunities for them to make money using the streaming video service. I don't think most of us will recognize the names of any of those music publishing companies. However, those publishing companies handle artists you will recognize such as The Rolling Stones, Adele, and several others.

YouTube says that the new deal will allow it to monetize nearly all user-generated videos with music. The publishers will allow you to run ads alongside user generated videos that incorporate their music, and the record labels and artists will make money and so will YouTube. This is an important development for YouTube since it has been seeking a path to profitability and monetizing videos for a long time.