YourPND GPS Voice Over

I don't have a GPS system myself but I know they're popular and I know there are many different products available. I'm not sure it'd bother me so much to have a mechanical voice give me orders, especially if I bought it, but I can understand why some people might hate the voices on their GPS systems.

The YourPND website is offering a way to transfer your own voice onto your GPS. You just go to the site and register, make some voice recordings, download them and transfer them to the system. Sounds easy enough to me.

Right now it's only available for TomTom users but they're working on making it compatible with Garm, Mio and MyGuide. There is a service charge of 7 euros which isn't actually that much so I'm sure many people will buy in to it.

Get Your Own Voice on Your GPS! [via Coolest Gadgets]