Your Apple trade-in just got less valuable: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch

Eric Abent - Jan 10, 2020, 2:42pm CST
Your Apple trade-in just got less valuable: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch

If you were looking to trade in your current device to Apple and put that money toward a new device, the amount you’ll get in trade has suddenly dropped. Apple is now offering less trade-in money for a variety of devices spanning iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches. There are few devices that are retaining the trade-in amounts that they used to have, but for the most part, prices are going down.

That’s particularly noticeable when looking at the list of iPhones Apple accepts in trade. As MacRumors points out, every iPhone model has seen its trade-in value drop overnight, and in some cases, those drops are pretty substantial. For instance, while at one point you were able to get up to $600 for an iPhone XS Max trade-in, now the upper limit caps at $500.

That’s still a healthy sum for a phone that’s a little more than a year old, but obviously not ideal if you were about to head out to an Apple store expecting to get $600. Other iPhone models have seen similar trade-in value drops – the iPhone XS has a max trade in value of $420 (down from $500), while the iPhone XR has seen its value go from $370 to $300 and the iPhone X has gone from $400 to $320.

As far as iPads are concerned, all models have seen their trade-in value drop. The iPad Pro, which once offered a max trade-in value of $290, now has a max of $220, with the standard iPad going from $140 to $100. The iPad Air, meanwhile, now has a max trade-in value of up to $70 (down from $100), and the iPad mini has a value that tops out at $80 (it used to be $120).

Macs, interestingly, have not seen across-the-board value drops like other devices have. Trading in a Mac Pro or a Mac mini will still get you potentially as much as it used to (up to $1,700 or $230, respectively), but that MacBook Air is now slightly less valuable with a trade-in value of up to $660 instead of $670. Apple Watches come out relatively unscathed as well, with the Apple Watch Series 4 being the only device in the line to see a max value drop. Even then, the max trade-in value has only gone from $110 to $100.

So, if you were planning to trade in an iPhone or an iPad, your device now holds less value with Apple. Of course, if you wanted to get the most money you can for your device, you’d be better off selling it directly to another person, which might now be a more attractive option now that Apple has implemented these trade-in prices.

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