You can now tell Cortana to ask Fitbit about your weight

With all the attention lavished on Alexa, Google Assistant, and, in a not so positive way, Bixby, it's almost to easy to forget about Siri and, even more so, Cortana. Many might have forgotten that Microsoft just announced back in May its Cortana Skills, analogous to Alexa Skill and Assistant Actions. Which is probably why there are only 66. Actually, make that 67, now that Fitbit has joined the ranks, allowing you to get your fitness stats simply by asking Cortana to do it for you.

Despite now having the specter of a company in financial straits, Fitbit still remains one of the most favored brands when it comes to fitness wearables. Fitbit trackers already integrate with many platforms, especially on mobile, so it's practically almost everywhere. Coincidentally, so is Cortana. At least on Windows 10, Android, and iOS. And thanks to that, anywhere you are, you can get your Fitbit information by voice or even input information into your Fitbit account. By voice as well.

All you need is to say, "Hey Cortana, Open Fibit" and it will kickstart the process of authorizing Cortana to have access to your Fitbit account. Once that's done, however, everything is as easy as starting with "Hey Cortana, Open Fibit".

You can ask things like:

• "How much water I've had today"

• "How many steps do I have left"

• "How am I doing today" for a summary

• "Show my leaderboard" to see where you stand

It isn't just a one-way thing though. You can also add information from Cortana to Fitbit, like telling it what you had for lunch or that you drank a glass of water. Depending on your situation, this might be easier than reaching out for your phone and tapping through the app. And since Cortana is available on Android and iOS as well, you can even do that on your phone without picking it up.

SOURCE: Microsoft