You Can Now Get Most Of Your id Software From Valve

Valve and id games have decided to hook up and start offering a large number of games from id's library. Thankfully there is a nice discount if you should choose to go all out and buy all of the games offered at once.

Offering up all of the games for $70 is a pretty smart way to get more people playing those games, which would likely increase sales for upcoming sequels. The list of games is quite long too and they are also being offered up in other smaller packages.

Here is a summarized list of the games, the three main ones are Doom, Quake, and HeXeN as well as all of their sequels/upgrades. Aside from that there is Commander Keen (the whole series so far), Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Sounds like more than enough fun to fill your time for at least a weekend, probably more.

id Forges Deal with Valve [via Kotaku]