You can create a 3D avatar for the Ready Player One film

Have you ever wanted to be in a movie? Most of us will never see ourselves on the big screen, especially those of us with little or no real acting talent. However, if you have a bit of 3D modeling talent, you might just get to see your creation featured in an upcoming film.

After I got to really experience the full potential of VR at CES back in January, I've been very interested in the topic. A number of people recommended Ready Player One, a book by Ernest Cline. It takes place in a dystopian future where nearly everyone uses virtual reality as an escape. It's a very good book, and I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in VR and 80's pop culture.

Well, that book is being made into a move, which is being directed by Steven Spielberg. Since the story takes place both in a real and a virtual world, the production needs both real actors and 3D avatars. Rather than just throw together their own designs, the production team is inviting digital artists to create their own avatars, and submit them.

There are some technical requirements for the model you submit. But as long as you follow those, you can pretty much let your imagination run wild. In fact, that's exactly what they want you to do. The video below explains exactly what they're looking for.

If your model is selected for one of the more prominent characters, they will pay you a sum of $1,000 for all rights to that model. If they select it for use in the background, they'll pay you $250 for it. Essentially, if you've been looking for a good reason to practice your modeling skills, this might be a good chance to do it. You might get the chance to see your creation on the big screen, and you'll get a big of money in your pocket. You've got until June 23rd to submit your model.

Source: TalentHouse