You can call me Rocketman

For years we have been promised many things such as flying cars, rocket packs, and food that comes in pill-form. At long last we can have at least one of these things. Don't get too excited, you're still going to have to eat your meals the old-fashioned way.

The rocket belt is not for those who are afraid of heights, or those of us who don't have a spare $250,000 lying around. If you have too much money and don't might flying, then you'll have a blast with this gadget.

You'll get your money's worth though. The belt is custom-made for your specific weight, you'll get hands-on training that includes 10 flights in your belt. When you pay a quarter of a million dollars on something, you expect to get 24/7 support on it as well. There's no exception here. Probably the coolest part is that you'll get a machine that will actually produce all of the rocket fuel you will need. At least you won't have to worry about watching the ever-rising rocket fuel prices.

$250,000 Rocket Belt – Your Personal Flight To Space [via bornrich]