You Can Be Green and Tech

Will all the talk going around about how "going green" is a fad due to media saturation and its status as pretty much a buzz word, I started thinking about how environmentalism affects technology. Are they mutually exclusive? While the very essence of the green lifestyle is natural, technology is its polar opposite. It is man made, created and unnatural.

And yes, it is technology that has gotten us into this whole global warming business in the first place, but it is technology that can get us out of it. Just think of all the innovations technology has made toward a greener future: solar panels, wind turbines, low-water washing machines, recycling plants, bio-plastics, hybrid cars, hydrogen cars, you get the picture.

By marrying technology with earth consciousness, we can't go wrong. And though it may be awhile before the technology in our homes are sufficiently earth-friendly, many steps have already been taken to reduce energy use in computers, TVs and major appliances. E-Waste round ups and recycling centers make disposing of old tech easier and cleaner. Much of technology has gone green.

The foundation is there for major change, but it is up to us to take advantage of it. Look for those Energy Star stickers, people!