Yanko's New Fire Watch is a Must-Have for Pyros

Few things are more satisfying than the click of a lighter and the subtle 'whoosh' a jet of fire makes. The sheer fun of using a good lighter is a leading reason many smokers have trouble quitting [Citation Needed]. All you amateur arsonists and recovering smokers may be able to relieve a tiny portion of your nervous energy if the latest watch design on Yanko ever becomes a reality.

The Lightning Watch has a blue LED for hours and a yellow one for minutes. Both are designed to simulate the look of a jet of fire, while the central "watch" face looks like a lit burner. If someone really wants to make this concept sell, all they'd need to do is make the burner functional and exchange the LEDs for little jets of real fire.

I can think of only two downsides to that product. First, you couldn't wear acrylic unless you like things melted into your flesh. And second, you'd have to buy two or three bottles of lighter fluid every day to keep it going. So yeah, it's slightly less practical than this laser watch designed by the same guy.

[Via Yanko]