Yandex signs agreement to include Facebook content in search results

Here in the US Yandex isn't exactly a household name. In Russia, Yandex is the most popular search engine leading Google. Yandex has over 60% of the Russian search market and makes most of its loot from advertising along with its search results. Yandex and Facebook have signed a new agreement.

The agreement will give Yandex access to content from some Facebook users to use in its search results. Yandex says that access to the Facebook content will help improve its search results. The deal allows Yandex to get full access to public data from Facebook users in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.

The data that Yandex gets access to will include the original user's post and the search results will soon display comments that go along with those posts. The agreement between Yandex and Facebook sees no cash change hands.

The firms say that the agreement is mutually beneficial with Yandex receiving better search results and Facebook getting more traffic. Facebook could use the popularity boost in Russia. while the social network is tops in many countries, such as the US, it languishes behind local favorites in fourth place in Russia.

SOURCE: Reuters