Yammer updates bring Android Wear support, iOS Handoff

Nate Swanner - Feb 3, 2015, 12:20pm CST
Yammer updates bring Android Wear support, iOS Handoff

Yammer, the social network gone enterprise, is getting a pretty neat set of updates today. For those on iOS and Android, there’s more reason to use Yammer everywhere you go, and possibly even via alternative devices. For Android, Yammer now supports Android Wear, letting you check messages on your wrist, like them, and even reply as needed using vioce-to-text dictation. The update doesn’t fall on Yammer’s freemium side, either, so it’s open to all. For iOS users, cross-platform fun is coming via Handoff.

If you’re on iOS, and use Yammer on your Mac or various iOS devices, you can now carry the conversation over to other devices. With a quick swipe, you can ‘toss’ the conversation to a different device. Going from a desktop experience to a mobile device — and back — now happens pretty seamlessly. If you’re doubtful, check out Yammer’s amazing video below.

Microsoft has also updated Yammer with interactive notifications, found on both Android and iOS apps. If your Yammer message pops up on-screen, you can now reply in-line without having to open the app.

Sharing is also getting some much-needed attention, where users can now share photos, links, and other share-worthy things to a Yammer group.

The updates are rolling out now, so if you’re a Yammer user, be on the lookout.

Source: Microsoft

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