Yamaha Tenori-On Sequencer or A/V Art?

So it is a device, covered, at least on the front, in LED back-lit rubber buttons. Not only do these buttons work to make music, but with the built in visuals while the thing is working, they create art.

There is a video below, and that guy is clearly not having his first go at the device. However, it does seem simple enough, and with a low enough learning curve that it would probably be fairly easy to learn to use with some practice.

It is due to be released in September. The price is thus far unknown, but I am assuming it wasn't cheap to produce, plus the high level of functionality, so I am going to go ahead and guess that it won't be cheap. I personally can't wait to see more videos of this thing in action.

Tenori-On Set for September Launch [via gizmodo]