Yamaha shows off 3-wheel prototypes of the future

Yamaha is probably best known for producing motorcycles of the two-wheel variety. The designers at Yamaha are showing off some prototype concept vehicles that are very different from what most associate with the brand. The prototypes have three wheels with two in the front and one in the rear.

Yamaha certainly isn't the first to offer this reverse trike configuration, other motorcycle makers have been selling vehicles like this for years. The two prototypes are only similar in that they each have a single rear wheel and a pair of wheels in the front.

One of them looks like an off-road dual sport style offering with knobby tires meant to go into the wild. The off-road style bike is called the 03GEN-X. The on road version of that bike is swoopier and looks like a high-tech street bike that Yamaha is famous for. That on-road bike is called the 03GEN-f.

Both of these concepts indicate that Yamaha plans to develop the three wheel bikes for new markets. Both of these concepts are more scooter-like than other three wheel motorcycles on the market today. The 03GEN-f and 03GEN-x both have leaning multi-wheel mechanism that allow them to lean into corners. Both of these concepts are based on the Yamaha Tricity.

SOURCE: Gizmag