Yamaha outs retro THR5 and THR10 amps

I like products that look really old, but have modern insides. Yamaha has a new amplifier for musicians that look like something out of the 50's to me. The amps come in two versions including the THR5 pictured and the THR10. These are small amps reports Wired looking like the head unit of a stack. I've got so little music talent in me I have no idea what size that would be.

The amps are aimed for use off the stage for practicing apparently and both have stereo sound. The circuitry inside models tubes for warm sound and the have VCM effects. The effects mimic five different amp types along with various pedal effects, and the THR10 has a tuner built-in.

The devices will run off either AA batteries of or AC power. There is no indication of how much these will cost, but they aren't going to be cheap. Both of the models will launch in January. I wonder if we will see them at CES.

[via Wired]