Yale Smart Delivery Box and Smart Cabinet Lock secure your stuff

Yale today announced that its Smart Delivery Box and Smart Cabinet Lock are both available to purchase in the US. Both products are fairly self-explanatory, as the Smart Delivery Box gives users a safe space to store delivered packages until they can be retrieved, while the Smart Cabinet Lock can be used to prevent access cabinets or drawers containing valuables or potentially dangerous products.

Of the two devices, the Smart Delivery Box is probably the more noteworthy. The box comes in two designs – Kent and Brighton – and both offer WiFi connectivity and integration with the Yale Access App. Through the app, the box can be put in "Delivery Mode," which leaves it unlocked until the first delivery is made, then locks the box to prevent access until it's unlocked again using the app.

There are two other usage modes beyond Delivery Mode too. Since the box includes a Yale Connect WiFi Bridge, it can be locked and unlocked through the app, allowing users to share access remotely. Both the Kent and Brighton models will be available with a keypad too, allowing users to give an access code to their delivery drivers, but the models with a keypad cost a fair amount more than WiFi-only models. Finally, the Smart Delivery Box can tethered to the ground or weighted with sand to prevent would-be porch pirates from making off with the whole thing.

The Yale Smart Cabinet Lock, on the other hand, can be used to lock down individual cabinets or drawers to keep curious parties out. Yale positions this as a device that can be used to keep valuables safe in rental homes or keep children out of places they shouldn't be – like cabinets that house alcohol or cleaning products. The product can be stuck in place using either adhesive or screws, and since it too includes a WiFi Bridge, users can lock, unlock it, or grant access remotely using the Yale app.

Yale says that these products will be launching at its own store, Amazon, and Best Buy, but it's worth pointing out that the Amazon listings show an October 10th release date for the Smart Cabinet Lock and an October 17th release date for the Smart Delivery Boxes while both products seem to be available from Yale's Store today. In any case, the Kent Smart Delivery Box will be available for $279.99 (WiFi only)/$329.99 (WiFi + Keypad) while the Brighton model will be priced a little lower at $229.99 (WiFi only)/$279.99 (WiFi + Keypad). The Smart Cabinet Lock is priced at $79.99 for the Bluetooth-only model, with the WiFi model coming in at $129.99.