Yahoo wants you to use Gmail inside Yahoo Mail

E-mail inception? That seems to be what Yahoo is aiming for here. Or perhaps simply a last ditch effort to drive up traffic inside its email service by tying it with other email services. To be fair, Yahoo actually added the ability to add other email accounts to Yahoo Mail last October, but it is only now that it is turning on that switch for Gmail, trying to sell the idea that using Gmail inside Yahoo Mail will be a win-win situation for users. If that even makes sense.

Yahoo Mail, of course, began as an email service much like Gmail or Hotmail, but recently Yahoo has put a different spin on it. It has also become an app, both for mobile and the Web, not that different from an email client like Outlook or the soon departed Thunderbird. As such, it needed to add support for other mailboxes, which happened to months ago. Back then, however, Gmail was noticeably missing from the list, which Yahoo is now addressing.

Of course, the biggest question would be why you would opt to use Gmail inside Yahoo Mail. Naturally, Yahoo has some prepared answers, like smarter search or a single sign in or composing "engaging" emails filled with pictures and videos and probably emojis. Then again, almost all of these can also be done inside Gmail, both web and mobile, and both Gmail and the new Inbox apps.

To be fair though, Yahoo does make one convincing argument. If you're the type to have more than one email, accessing them all from a single location and app might save you a lot of trouble. Then again, recently Gmail also got that feature as well.

In the end, Yahoo would really like you to use its Mail app, no matter your e-mail account. An app that, according to Yahoo, users have rated to be "slick", "elegant", and "speedy". There might be not a few users, however, who'd be more than willing to contest those claims.