Yahoo reveals content additions and partnerships at 2013 NewFront event

Tonight, Yahoo has kicked off its 2013 NewFront event in New York City, replete with a full roster of celebrities and a performance by The Lumineers accompanied by a half-hour live stream on Yahoo Music for those who wish to enjoy it from the comfort of their homes. All of this is to kick off some new shows that Yahoo has added to it content offerings, as well as the announcement of new partnerships and advertisement opportunities.

Yahoo has been actively growing its video content offerings, having recently announced that it will soon exclusively offer the entire 38-year archive of Saturday Night Live, among other things. Now the company has announced six new comedy and lifestyle shows that are slated to be available later this year, with the comedy offerings being labeled specifically as coming in Fall 2013.

In addition to the new shows, Yahoo has also announced some new partnerships, including that it will soon be the WWE's global video distribution partner and will have a dedicated video library for WWE content, which will go live this summer. The company's partnership with ABC News, meanwhile, has expanded, with World News with Diane Sawyer, Nightline, and Good Morning America content coming to Yahoo. Also announced were CNBC and Conde Nast partnerships and expansions.

Yahoo's COO Henrique deCastro said: "Yahoo!'s unique mix of content and technology leads not only to powerful and personalized experiences for our users, but also to greater distribution for our partners and higher return for our advertisers. What we're showing tonight signals where Yahoo! is headed: beautiful product experiences, exciting new content, big partnerships with the largest media brands, and extraordinary new ad experiences."

[via Yahoo]