Yahoo Mobile MVNO shuts down a little over a year since it launched

It seems that Verizon's purchase of several media properties was doomed from the start. Expensive and ultimately unprofitable, the network operator ended up selling that Media Group that included AOL and Yahoo's many products. The latter includes not just search and email but also a mobile virtual network operator called, what else, Yahoo Mobile. The latter has just announced that it will be closing up shop and ceasing operation after being in the market for less than two years.

Although best known for its Web portal and email service, Yahoo's small kingdom actually covers many sometimes unrelated products, like Sports and News, Finance, and, for a short while, even Tumblr. March last year, Verizon announced the latest addition to that brand, its own small network riding on Verizon's network. And thus, Yahoo Mobile, not to be confused with Y!mobile of Japan, was born.

Yahoo Mobile was pushed as Verizon's new prepaid strategy, but its real unique feature is also its weirdest. A Yahoo Mobile line gets access to a Yahoo Mail Pro subscription, which could be useful for those who still live and die by the email service. And for those really knee-deep into Yahoo Mobile, an Account Pro even offers 24/7 customer support.

It might not come as much as a surprise that Yahoo Mobile may not have exactly done well in the prepaid MNVO market but that is pretty much moot now. Yahoo Mobile has announced that it is shutting down as a consequence of Verizon selling off the Yahoo brand and other parts of the Media Group. Apparently, not even the new owners, The Venetian Resort and Casino owner Apollo Global Management, is interested in keeping it alive.

Yahoo Mobile subscribers have until August 31, 2021, to handle matters and transfer to another network. Naturally, Yahoo Mobile recommends that subscribers move over to Visible, the other MVNO under Verizon's care. That said, while subscribers' numbers and some features may come along with them, those Mail Pro and Account Pro accounts will be terminated as well when Yahoo Mobile shuts down.