Yahoo Mail adds LinkedIn, Twitter info to Contact Cards feature

Last month, Yahoo brought us Contact Cards, an update to Yahoo Mail that gave you quick, contextual info about a person you were receiving emails from. On launch, Contact Cards brought you info like phone numbers and alternate emails a person might have associated with their Yahoo Mail account, as well as links to their social media profiles. Today, Yahoo is fleshing the Contact Cards feature out a bit more, adding LinkedIn and Twitter info to the mix to give us all a more well-rounded view of one another.

With LinkedIn, Yahoo says we'll get things like up-to-date title and company info, so long as that person manages their LinkedIn profile diligently. Contact Cards will now offer names for email addresses, profile photos, and links to social profiles as well.

Yahoo's collaboration with Twitter gets a bit more personal; your internal search results page now shows recent tweets you posted. If someone were to do a search in Yahoo Mail for recent emails they received from me, they might find my contact info, but also tweets I posted. That'll make you think twice about drunk-tweeting.

The new LinkedIn and Twitter features for Yahoo Mail arrive on the desktop starting today, but incrementally. If you don't see these new tools right away, sit tight. They'll be there soon enough.