Yahoo considering Dailymotion video service acquisition, says sources

Yahoo is considering acquiring video website Dailymotion, says sources. Such an acquisition would give Yahoo a popular piece of online video real estate, but nothing is guaranteed. The alleged acquisition is still in talks, and nothing may come of it. Dailymotion is owned by France Telecom-Orange, a telecommunications company.

According to the sources, Yahoo is looking at buying 75-percent of the video service, which is estimated to be worth about $300 million and would prove to be the largest purchase made under CEO Mayer's reign. Dailymotion has been through quite a bit in the business world lately, having been acquired by Orange in a two-part deal, the last of which was sealed this past January.

Dailymotion's Managing Director Roland Hamilton was a tad coy when responding to questions about the acquisition, telling Reuters: "We are unable to confirm, deny, or comment on speculation regarding potential talks between Yahoo and Orange at this time." Yahoo and Orange, meanwhile, straight out declined commenting.

If the plan goes through, Yahoo will hold the majority of a video company currently ranked as the 12th online video property in the world, with YouTube (obviously) being #1. Reports Reuters, Dailymotion has had approximately 2 billion videos, and averages 116 million unique visitors every month. We'll keep you updated as more information on the alleged acquisition, so stay tuned!

[via Reuters]